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While attending college, Amanda taught dance for the Madison YMCA, and now continues to give back to her community. She has been an assistant pre-school teacher for Somerset County YMCA and worked as a Performing Arts Coordinator for many Theater summer camps. She also did an Education Internship with Premiere Stages in the summer of 2020. From a young age, her love of dance and theater became a major part of her life. She took dance classes 3-4 times a week starting at age 3. She performed in competitions during her middle school years. She was constantly on the move, balancing her extracurricular activities.


When Amanda is not on stage you can find her choreographing dances in her apartment, exploring her vast knowledge of musical theater repertoire, or working with children. Because her passion for theater began at such a young age, she feels compelled to give back and help young children find their passion. From teaching dance and acting classes to being a Performing Arts Coordinator for the YMCA summer program and directing and choreographing 4 shows in 10 weeks (Talk about a challenge!), she is thrilled to see where her career takes her.

Amanda Dunsdon is a Georgia-based and local hire in NYC actor, dancer, and wannabe Disney Princess. Currently, she is Teaching Musical Theater and dance at a local studio in Atlanta, where she choreographs 4 full shows a year. She attended Fairleigh Dickinson University and received her BA in Theater Arts with a Concentration in Musical Theater with a Dance Minor. At FDU she was a member of Choir and Fairleigh Dramatics, a student-run theater organization. She also spent a semester abroad in England, which gave her the opportunity to study and critique English Theater, from Blood Brothers to Twelfth Night at the Royal Shakespeare Company (her all-time favorite production she has ever seen!). Since graduation, she has made her New York debut at The Flea  Theater, has worked closely with Writers Theater of New Jersey as a reader and actress, and did a NATIONAL TOUR with Two Beans Production in "The Cat in the Hat" as Thing 2 in 2018. She also worked for The Atlanta Workshop Players during their movie camp in summer 2021.

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