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Atlanta Workshop Players

I had a BLAST working for AWP during their summer Movie Camp. In 2 weeks we produced 2 movies and a few short PSA clips. When not on set, I had the privilege of attending masterclasses from so many Professionals from On-Camera acting to directing, dancing, and filmmaking. Finishing the week off with an audition for Casting Directors and Agents and a red carpet event. This was the best week of meeting creatives in the ATL area and being introduced to the film world in ATL. 

June 2021
Summer Camp


Moved to Georgia! 

It's official! I packed up and moved to Georiga to begin a new life and acting career as an Atlanta actor! Planting new roots with my Fiance and electrified to discover what GA has to offer. 


Baq Baq​

Excited to be a part of this OneAct Festival featured in the comedy show "Baq Baq" as Desiree.

The story is about two teachers, one a new teacher, Desirre, and one a veteran teacher, Janet, Desiree's mentor, and relationship.

After a field trip to the farm, the rookie teacher proves that she has 'what it takes'.


Steel Magnolia

April 2021

Virtual Studio Players

I had a blast working on my first Zoom production as Annelle in Steel Magnolia. With director Greg Northam and such a talented cast telling this story for 1 weekend only. It was such a great learning process and challenged me as an actor to work fully Virtual on a show.

Steel 2021.jpg

Let Me Down Easy​

February 2021

High School Zoom Production

I am honored to be Assistant Directing marcus d. harvey on his production of "Let Me Down Easy". I had such a blast working each week on the monologues in this show and developing the character's physical traits and telling this story about our health care system. 


Colors and Patterns

December 2020

A Short by Darin Earl

Loved making my own content with my friends. I shot this short with a friend who wrote the story about two fashion colleagues who get stuck in a closet and discover their true friendship. 


Baby Boy

September 2020


I had such a blast filming this web series that was developed during the corona virus as a Co-Star as Macey.  After many virtual classes and Zoom meetings, it was so fun to be on a set again and working on my craft with this project.


Premiere Stages

June 2020

Education and Audience outreach Intern

I am working with a New Jersey Regional Theater called Premiere Stages at Kean University as their Education Intern. Due to the virus, all of our camps are virtual, but working with the 'TheatreMakers' and 'Actor Studio' kids have been a blessing to see that creativity and collaboration are FLOURISHING in young artists. 


Virtual Babysitter Club

WELCOME to the team! I am booked and blessed to be virtually teaching dance for VBC, a new company full of out of work performers and artists like myself. We are a company of 'Performers From Broadway & Beyond' who keep kids virtually engaged while parents work from home. I get to teach groups and one on one dance classes which involve creative moment and tons of dance games. 

April 2020

Dance Party

Virtual dance class photo.jpg

The show must go on

Well....this is the month of the big shutdown due to the corona-virus the moment Actors Connection and gave us 'something to believe in': Daily free Zoom webinars and workshops! With Theaters shutting down and the hope of performing at a low, it was so great to be able to connect with so many casting directors and big industry professionals.

March 2020

ZOOM time


Dance Teacher

I am grateful to be celebrating a year working with such an amazing Dance Studio teaching their Triple Threat Program to kids ages 3-11. I am surrounded by such an incredible and supportive staff who have graced both Broadway and Regional stages all over the country. Not only do I get to teach, but I had a surprise opening night moment during the Company Kids performance of Cats when I went on as 'mamma cat' to help guide the youth ensemble kittens. 

Sep 2019-2020

Front and Center

for Performing



Radio Caesium

March 2020

Background Dancer

Such a fun shoot being a background ballerina for the short film 'Radio Caesium" by Joshua McQuilkin filmed in NYC. Dancing with such talented ballerinas from all over the NYC and NJ area.  


Mamma Mia

Feburary 2020

Gas Lamp Players

It was a thrill to be a featured ensemble member in Mamma Mia with Gas Lamp players in north Jersey. I was honored to be given the opportunity to be the dance captain and help cast members shine! I am constantly branching out to different parts of New Jersey and have enjoyed performing with each company. 


Steele Magnolias

November 2019

Stage Reading

So excited to play the role of Annelle in Steel Magnolias by Robert Harling. Joining a talented group of women to share this story of women empowering women. 

Annelle is the new girl in town, with a southern background and a complicated backstory. 

Come join us Thursday, November 14th at 7 pm at The Women's Club of Glen Ridge. 


International Commercial

October 2019

New Beauty Product

I had such a fun time shooting an infomercial for a new French product. Showing how to use the product, testimonials and a "talk show' environment. Excited to share it when it comes out! 


The Producers Club Performance

March 2019

What if?

I will be performing at the Producers Club in Manhattan in "What if?". A combination of 4 short plays that relate to what can happen in different relationships.

I will be playing Donna in the play "What if I were like her?", a yoga-going, slightly self-obsessed, dumb girl who is trying to forget her past.

Come join our yoga class for a good laugh. 


House Casting

February 2019




I took an all-day intensive with Rebecca Yersin focusing on Commercial casting and Acting. We dove into different types of commercial auditions and how to make each copy show your personality.

From the business to on-camera techniques, Rebecca took a personal approach and I had a blast learning at the workshop.


In Real Life

November 2018

A Stage Reading at Jersey City Theater Center

It was a blast to reconnect with former teachers and directors from my University and classmates for a staged reading for a new play called "In Real Life" by Stacie Lents. It is a new tragicomedy about two high school students who live in the future, post-Trump world, where the world is now completely virtual. The audience goes on a journey of their "rebellion against cyber reality and their attempt to connect in an actual world they have never known." 


Cracker Box

November 2018

A stage reading at La Strada Theater

I was part of a staged reading of this new play by Gary C. Walter at La Strada Ensemble Theater. I played nurse Lieutenant Diane Dell. in the Vietnam War who was trying to help 2 gay soldiers take care of a baby that got put into their possession. 


First Commercial

November 2019

Giovatto Adversiting

I shot my first commercial for a Black Friday sale in Paramus NJ. Check it out and maybe you will want a new jeep too!


P's in a Pod

August 2019

Pilot Episode

What a thrill to start as an extra on this web series Pilot and then get bumped up to a Featured Role as Sadie the waitress. Reconnected with an FDU Alum to help get this project rolling! Keep your eyes out for this new web series. 


The Cat in the Hat

National Tour 2018

with Two Beans Production

Amanda is beyond thrilled to be on tour as a THING 2 in Cat in The Hat. 

"Everyone's favorite cat comes to mischievous life in this theatrical adaptation of the Dr. Seuss classic. From the moment his tall, red-and-white-striped hat appears around the door, Sally and her brother know that The Cat in the Hat is the funniest, most mischievous cat they have ever met. With the trickiest of tricks and the craziest of ideas, he is certainly fun to play with." Catch her on tour from January until June. Follow her on Instagram for her journey.


A Christmas Carol

December 2017

Cranford Dramatic Club

Amanda is excited to announce that she will play the part of Sally Anderson in Cranford's production of Alen Menken's "A Christmas Carol" this December.  She will also be in the ensemble dancing and tapping her heart away. This version of A Christmas Carol was first performed at Madison Square Garden and ran successfully from 1994-2003! She cannot wait to take on this high-energy spectacular. There will be 6 performances in December, more details of times and ticket sales to come!

Chsitmas Carol-Pat.jpg

"Shipload of Shakespeare"

November 2017

UCC Players

The players will be presenting a weekend with two performances of selected Shakespeare scenes, titled “A Shipload of Shakespeare”, at Union Congregational Church, Friday/Saturday evenings, November 3rd and 4th at 7:30pm. Amanda will be Helena from A Midsummers Night Dream, and in a few other scenes throughout the night.

Shakes Audition snap photo.PNG

New Jersey Fringe Festival

August 2017

Breaking Through the Box Production of Faith in Shakels

Amanda will be in a performance that takes place "In a world of religious radicalism and terrorism, a young lawyer, Sofia, is pushed to her limits with her new case: defend nine historical women who have each had a special relationship with God. Through discovering the truth of these women’s stories, Sofia combats her own biases and fears against religion and learns the true meaning of having faith.” She is St.Agnus of Rome the Virgin, who with her spiteful and stuck up attitude, helps Sophia understand we are all struggling in the same manner she feels she is today. 

St. Agnus.jpg

New Jersey Young Playwritghts Festival

June 2017

Writers Theater of NJ

Amanda will be a professional actor at the NJ Young Playwrights Contest and Festival. For 30 years it has been deepening the writing experience for young writers by providing detailed feedback from theatre professionals about students’ plays. Through a series of rounds, a team of readers may select plays from each division to be honored as statewide winners. These plays receive a staged-reading performance by professional actors during the NJ Young Playwrights Festival.

Performing here tonight at 7pm with Writ

Writers Theater of New Jersey

Feburary 2017

Buisness of Theater: Workshop

Amanda attended a workshop about the business of theater. The panelists talked about their experiences as theatre professionals, focusing on the strategies they used to succeed and giving vital advice to anyone trying to make a career of theatre. The discussion hit on important topics, like how to get your foot in the door, developing an effective audition strategy, building and maintaining relationships within the industry, and more. The panelist consisted of Erin Mallon, Brittany Goodwin, Shabazz Green, Jim DeVivo, and Walter Rodriguez. 


Almost Maine

Feburary 2017

Open Arts Stages, Borden town NJ

Amanda will be playing the parts of Ginette, Sandrine, and Hope in Breaking Through the Box production of Almost Maine by John Cariani. Almost Maine is a play that comprises nine short stories that explore the love and loss in the mythical town of Almost. Click "Learn More" to read an article written by Broadway World.

almost Sandrine ring.jpg

Writers Theater of NJ

December 2016

Actor and Reader

Amanda was a guest in many Elementary schools in Madison NJ, during a playwrights after-school program supported by Writers Theater of New Jersey, under the work of Walter Rodriguez. She enjoyed her time reading the new plays that the students had written, as it was the first time the students heard their work aloud. 


Performing Arts Coordinator

Summer 2016

Somerset Hills YMCA

Amanda is the new Performing Arts Coordinator for the Somerset Hills YMCA summer program. She will be organizing different specialized camps, like Behind the Scenes, Fashion Camp and Performing Arts summer camps to work together to put on four different shows. She is the choreographer and director for some acting scenes for children to incorporate into the shows to achieve a final performance for families, friends, and other camps.


"Inferno" at The Flea Theater in NYC

August 2016

Breaking Through the Box

Amanda is making her New York debut in Inferno by Justin Giachetti with the Breaking Through The Box theater company. Inferno is a new take on the Seven Deadly Sins. It follows the story of seven people who mysteriously find themselves trapped in a never-ending hallway together. Amanda is a Lost Soul and represents different family members and friends of those trapped in the hall through flashbacks. 


Rockstar! Studio

September 2016

Middlesex, NJ

Amanda has become a new dance teacher at Rockstar! Studio. Currently, she is teaching private lessons and group classes to advance skills, vocabulary, and confidence to her students. She works with kids ages 8 and up. Look out for her new list of summer classes coming soon! 


Reality by Lia Romeo

April 2016

Fairleigh Dickinson University Black Box Theater

Amanda is the lead in Lia Romeo's play Reality directed by Alberto Bonilla at FDU. The play is about characters Annie and Matt who met on “Looking for Love,” a popular reality dating show. But now that the cameras have stopped rolling, their fairy tale is looking a lot less perfect than it seemed. Add into the mix producer Josh, who will do anything for ratings, and the show runner-up, Krisandra, an aspiring actress who’s desperate to make her mark in Hollywood. Will there be a happy ending or a huge scandal? In our modern society, where everything from breasts to feelings are likely to be fake, playwright Lia Romeo explores what “reality” really means.

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